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Hello Friends -

    My grandfather once wrote in this very introduction; "As we age, the chance to tell our stories becomes less and less."  Indeed, this sentiment spares no one - on January 1, 2010, my grandfather passed away at a hospital near his home in Cary, NC.
    While a saddening event, his passing warrants a celebration of an incredible man's life - a man than I am fortunate to have known and spent much time with over the years.  I struggle to find appropriate words to explain the impact that my grandfather has had on our lives. Simply and seemingly inadequately, he was a decorated war veteran, loving husband, and charismatic human being with close personal friends and family members who respected and loved him a great deal.
     As a service to his memory and the many site visitors he appreciated so greatly, the site will remain active and updated as necessary going forward. Similarly, his email address will remain the primary address for contact purposes.
I do appreciate all of your well-wishes and will pass them on to his wife and other family members.
    Among other publications, his obituary appears in the Philadelphi
a Inquirer here. 

 Mike MacDade
 Grandson of Albert R. Panebianco

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