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Upon returning home from our 157th Regiment reunion held in Lakewood, CO. in Sept. 1997, I was very much surprised to find a computer, with all the attachments, set up and ready to go. It was a gift from my daughter and son-in-law. There was one major problem. I never used a computer. How and where would I begin? After asking many questions, my grandson, Michael MacDade, age 14, a computer whiz, came to my rescue. I was told not to worry as he would teach me the basics and get me started. Needless to say, I was very apprehensive and thought I would never be able to learn the intricacies of operating a computer. With excellent tutoring from my grandson, I was able to send and receive email and surf the Internet within a short period of time. I began searching the Internet for information about the 45th Infantry Division, only to find the 45th did not have a website and there were very few facts about this great World War II infantry division. My grandson and I discussed this pathetic situation and decided to do something about it. In January, 1998, Michael decided to design and establish a website for his grandfather, to honor the men of the 45th Infantry Division of World War II. It did not take very long before the website was up and running. It will be in existence nearly three years and I am very proud of this site and its accomplishments. It has been responsible for reuniting many people.

One of the most rewarding and happiest events brought about by this website, took place at our 157th Regiment reunion Sept. 2000, in Philadelphia. Two sisters, not known to each other at the time, decided to attend the reunion to seek information about their Dad. Not only did they find information about their Dad, but found each other. This story is a once in a lifetime occurrence.

This website started with telling of World War II experiences, stories, and pictures of men in the 45th Division. It has developed into bringing people together through searches.

To this day, Michael MacDade, maintains this website with continued additions, deletions, and changes. Without this computer whiz there would not be a website. I am a lucky grandfather to have a gifted grandson. Thank you Michael. You have made many people happy, including me.

Your Granddad,
Al Panebianco


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